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Issac Bailey blog | Shock: Actual poor person gets to testify before Republican-led hearing on poverty

Rep. Paul Ryan has been talking about poverty a lot these past couple of years, even going into “inner-city,” poor neighborhoods to speak with actual poor people and those working to make things better. This is since he and his running mate in 2012, Mitt Romney, each said disparaging things about the poor.

But until yesterday, his anti-poverty hearings didn’t include any real poor people to tell their struggles in person, to help alleviate the caricature the poor have become in the minds of too many people who supposedly want to help them.

Here is what that real, live poor person, Tianna Gaines-turner, said: Click here

It’s worth a listen, especially for all those who have convinced themselves the poor are only out to live on the public dole forever and don’t want to work.