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Issac Bailey blog | Can white rappers use the n-word affectionately the way black rappers do?

Popular white rapper Iggy recently sent out a photo of herself with three popular black rappers, with the heading: ‘Me and my Nigga’s.”

That spelling of the infamous word is used as a sign of affection and comradery in the circles in which the word is used in complex ways. Since Iggy sent out that photo (at the link below), a controversy has erupted over this much-discussed issue.

Is that word off limits to all white people, even when they are using it with no ill-intent in the way some black people do? Some black people say no, it is reserved for the use of black people and black people only, while many other, mostly older, black people say it should never be used by anyone, in any form.

I discussed this issue with my students at Harvard yesterday. What do you believe their thoughts were? What are yours?

More about that photo and the controversy: http://financialjuneteenth.com/rapper-rapper-iggy-azaleas-picture-with-my-niggas-draw-controversy/