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Issac Bailey blog | Writer: Brainwashed by Fox News as a teen, I thought ‘God was in the White House’ after Bush victory

I just think this is an interesting read from Salon.com:

From the piece:

There was nothing in the world that could upset us on that day in 2004. George W. Bush had just defeated John Kerry. Conservatism had won, God was in the White House, and America was safe.

This was the first time I experienced the rush of “my” candidate winning an election. I didn’t start taking an interest in news and politics until 9/11. That event made it readily apparent to my middle-school self that current events — even ones in far-off, South Asian countries I hadn’t heard of — impacted the world, even the small Long Island suburb in which I lived. Thus, I needed to learn everything I could about as many topics as I could. With the Internet being nowhere near as robust as it is now, and my parents eschewing prestigious print publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal (we were a Newsday household), I turned to television news for information.

When I watched MSNBC or CNN, my father would walk by and change the station.

“That’s liberal propaganda,” he’d say as he grabbed the remote and changed the TV to Fox News. “You have to watch this station. This is the only place you’ll get the real news.” Then he’d mutter about the “liberal media.” Not knowing any better, I believed him. My information diet throughout middle school and most of high school would therefore consist solely of Fox News.

It didn’t take long for me to fall into the star-spangled rabbit hole. Within months, I was reciting conservative rhetoric as if the spirit of Ronald Reagan himself was instilled within me. I had a Ronald Reagan poster proudly displayed over my dresser. My father and I discussed how we longed for the Next Reagan to save America from the ways of the wicked — the ways of the left.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.salon.com/2014/07/07/i_was_a_teenage_fox_news_robot_sean_hannity_destroyed_my_childhood/