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Issac Bailey blog: Does S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley deserve credit for the state’s rapid drop in the unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate fell in 20 states last month while remaining flat from the month before along the Grand Strand and in South Carolina. But the state has seen a rapid decline in the overall jobless rate over the past several months, dropping it below the national rate by a full percentage point. Before the recession, the state’s jobless rate was higher than the national average.

During this past week, Gov. Haley’s office has been touting all of the state’s good economic news, including high-profile job announcements that promise more jobs.

Does Haley deserve credit for the economic turnaround? What do you think? I’ll give my view in a column this weekend. But while you are thinking about that, does President Obama deserve credit for the much-improved national jobless rate if Haley deserves credit for South Carolina’s? And are politics forcing us to miss out on even more job creation in the state?

Here’s the story about the area’s unemployment rate: http://tinyurl.com/nbxpjs8