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Issac Bailey blog: Myrtle Beach reader: Media’s focus on crime gives Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest a bad reputation

Responses to my latest Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest column have been coming in all morning.

Here’s a link to that column: http://tinyurl.com/o9kwe5a

Here are a couple of the responses:

I want to paste a comment you made in a recent blog and then I will answer your question where you said WHY IS THAT??

“The dangerous, ugly actions of a relative few cause many to become suspicious of black people in general. But seldom are black people lumped together based on positive things, such as the black families who visit during Memorial Day and spend money and respect the place. Why is that?”

Well guess why. It is because of people like you. i.e. the NEWS MEDIA!!!!!!!!! Black families coming here and respecting the place is not “newsworthy” Only stories of shootings, muggings, prostitution stings, purse snatching and just your good old basic “thuggery” is worthy of being reported in newspapers and TV. You are all after the ratings and you somehow have decided that we only want to hear about bad things in general. Since blacks are responsible for 73% of homicides well guess what, that is the majority of what you see and read. So if you want to get some good spin on honest and great things that black families who visit during Memorial Day and spend money and respect the place, then Issac my friend, that is what you should report and write about.

Roger Jones/Little River


There’s an old expression Mr. Bailey, a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. I live in CT but have a 2nd home in Murrells Inlet. My wife and I were there for Myrtle Beach bike week, not realizing it was that week, for a short time. We got in the sat night before it ended and after dining at the dead dog saloon we took a short ride on 17 up past SB& B, the beaver bar, etc. I have never seen a more orderly gathering. We were right in the thick of things, bikes in front of me, in back of me, people milling around walking, shopping, a bunch of state troopers. Frankly it was enjoyable. We come home and I read what happened during atlantic bike week, and to be honest, I’ve never been down for that, (not because I’ve avoided it, just the way my schedule was) but I will avoid it for sure now. was it a small percentage ? sure, but big enough to keep me away. And I’ll even be more honest. In the future I may plan to go during myrtle beach bike week, but I certainly will not plan to go during atlantic bike week.

Bob Zawadski/Stratford, CT