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Issac Bailey blog: Weak S.C. Democratic Party helped fuel Benghazi insanity, on display again today with arrest of top suspect

Issac Bailey, The Sun News   Photo by Steve Jessmore
Issac Bailey, The Sun News Photo by Steve Jessmore

At some point, you’d think people would stop long enough to notice how incredibly insane they sound, in a political context. I just don’t know that we’ll ever reach that point in the supposed Benghazi scandal.

The latest meme from Obama administration critics is that the capture this weekend (publicized today) of a suspected attacker in the Libyan attacks of two years ago is just another attempt by the administration to distract the public from this supposed scandal and others. Yes, the argument is that we caught a man we had been tracking for months, to make him face charges for an attack on our compound, simply to stop the public from thinking about the attack. These same critics had for months been criticizing the administration because no one had been brought to justice.

I caught the breaking news coverage of the arrest on the Fox News Channel. The panel of commentators went down this and similar rabbit holes quickly, including the theory that the arrest was timed to coincide with Hillary Clinton’s book tour. I thought such talk would end there and didn’t plan to mention it at all. But I was wrong:


This is one of the days I am most disillusioned by the S.C. Democratic Party. It hasn’t put up anyone formidable to challenge for a U.S. Senate seat since Inez Tenenbaum. That not only gives Sen. Lindsey Graham a pass back into the Senate this fall; it clearly convinced him to go hard right on issues such as Benghazi. I voted for him – twice – a mistake I won’t make again. There was a time I thought a statesman like Graham would stand in the breach to beat back hyper-partisanship that threatened to become ugly and insane. Instead, he is one of the most prominent elected officials fueling the fire.

Why did I ever believe Graham was a statesman? Maybe that’s evidence of my own insanity.