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Issac Bailey blog: Dispatches from Harvard: The joy of the ‘don’t tell mom’ moments

My kids and I – Kyle, 12, Lyric, soon-to-be 10 – have had many adventuresome ‘don’t tell mom’ moments over the years, most of which will be kept in our vault of father-child secrets. But there is one fairly tame one we are willing to share:

We recently went exploring through one of the oldest athletic facilities at Harvard and happened into a room where the university has been doing fencing for at least a decade. The kids found a couple of old, rusty fencing rods and, well, being the great responsible father that I am, I let them play with them. In my defense, I did tell them to aim low, fight under the lights so they could see better – and I definitely told them NOT to put each other’s eyes out. I can happily report, with 100 percent of precincts in, that we walked into the room with three sets of healthy eyes, and walked out with them.

Do you have any ‘don’t tell mom’ moments you’d like to share?

(No kids were harmed in the making of this dispatch.)