Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach is fleecing the disabled on the beach

I traveled to Myrtle Beach with my disabled father and was disappointed to learn that beach wheelchairs are no longer provided by Myrtle Beach. I understand that there are maintenance expenses; yet these costs must be incurred to ensure all can access the beach.

Since Myrtle Beach does not charge a beach access fee, no one should have to pay to access the beach simply because their bodies are less-abled; differential policies are the definition of discrimination.

Charging for beach chairs and umbrellas are luxury items. Without them, I can still have a great day at the beach or bring my own. A beach wheelchair is not an option. Without it, I cannot access the sand and the wheelchair that I own will not work.

Charging $45 plus per day - more than the cost of a chair and umbrella - is cost-prohibitive and, essentially, taxes the disabled.

In 2016, this is a step backward for Americans with disabilities. With all the revenue Myrtle Beach generates, costs were likely minimal as budget line-items. I implore city leaders to restore beach wheelchairs as a service.

Bonnie Mackintosh, Cambridge, Mass.