Letters to the Editor

Writer hopes free parking is not taken away

All the news I’ve read recently has focused on Ocean Boulevard parking restrictions/fees/city stickers/etc. Hopefully there are no plans to change the free public access parking lots located about every even-numbered block along the ocean.

We don’t live within the city limits but we are year-long retired residents of Horry County, with an easy 9 mile trip to the beach and the free parking lots. I hate to even think about moving again, but if Myrtle Beach City Council takes this away from us, there are cities nearby that are far more resident-friendly.

MB City Council has already chased many businesses out of the city limits, and evidently, Harley bikers feel unwanted here as well. Instead, we get Bikefest. I can hardly wait for that nightmare to be over.

Dick Winters, Myrtle Beach