Letters to the Editor

Pick Goldfinch in Senate District 34

By Jay Lucas

In today’s political environment it has become far too common for elected officials to cave to political pressure, rather than do what is best for the people of South Carolina. Placing politics over policy promotes the status quo and does nothing to bring about positive change.

As Speaker of the House, I have the privilege of serving alongside honorable men and women who adamantly strive to move our state forward. The Palmetto State is fortunate to have the leadership of Rep. Stephen Goldfinch, an honorable public servant who has stepped up to the plate and served as one of the greatest advocates for road repair in the South Carolina House.

Stephen understands the need for sustainable and reliable funding to permanently fix a problem that has been ignored for decades. He believes that we must bring true accountability to the Department of Transportation and enforce prioritization of projects to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently. And most importantly, Representative Goldfinch knows that delaying progress on this issue means that our roads and bridges will continue to deteriorate, our families’ safety will remain in jeopardy, and our economic stability could begin to decline.

Stephen Goldfinch is a proven leader who consistently supports common sense solutions. His dedication and hard work in the South Carolina House directly reflects his character and commitment to improving the lives of all South Carolinians. We need more leaders like Stephen Goldfinch and I have no doubt that he is the most qualified candidate to serve District 34 in the South Carolina State Senate.

Lucas is Speaker of the state House and represents District 65, which includes Darlington, Chesterfield, Kershaw and Lancaster counties.