Letters to the Editor

Here’s hoping restrictions will send Bikefest attendees elsewhere

Two shootings, three highway motorcycle deaths, and multiple reports of public urination, littering, loud music and burnouts late at night, vehicle herding on 501, 544, and 17, and general group misbehavior. Is that enough to finally get rid of Bikefest?

Congratulations to law enforcement. By all accounts you did a magnificent job. We would not have expected anything less. You are our state’s finest and we are proud of you.

To Bikefest attendees who complained that the traffic loop felt too restrictive – good. It should have. If this event takes place next year, the traffic loop should be even longer and more restrictive. Ten p.m. to 6 a.m. sounds about right. To Bikefest attendees who complained about too many police and their camo military looking uniforms — too bad.

If it made you feel uncomfortable or like you were being watched that was a good thing. To the businesses that complain that the necessary traffic and pedestrian restrictions cost them money — that’s unfortunate but it’s the price you and others have to pay because Bikefest customers can’t conduct themselves responsibly. Imagine how many other potential customers stayed away from Myrtle Beach because of Bikefest. And to the bikers who say they should all get together and boycott Myrtle Beach, we absolutely agree. Go someplace else.

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate our fallen soldiers. It’s not a time to have to put up with a crowd that repeatedly demonstrates that they have no regard for our community or our people, who haven’t the slightest idea what Memorial Day represents, and who year in and year out show an inability to behave like responsible adults.

This community spent boat loads of tax dollars and countless hours in meetings and planning all to try and control a crowd that has no regard for common decency or the rule of law and who the citizens of Horry County have repeatedly told officials they do not want here. What is it about that our elected officials don’t understand?

This is our home. You are welcome if you can behave and abide by our rules. Clearly many of you can’t.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.