Letters to the Editor

Imagine Obama as a white Republican, then evaluate his stats

A popular show years ago was “Dragnet” where Sgt. Joe Friday would ask witnesses for “just the facts nothing but the facts,” which is a good way to approach political bias today.

Bob Deitrick, CEO of Polaris Partners wrote a best seller called, “Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box.” They used 12 economic factors to determine the true health of the economy from GDP, National Debt, to personal wealth of the middleclass. From the presidency of Hoover to George W. Bush Jr. the results were contrary to popular thought.

We are constantly told that Democrats are the party of tax-and-spend and nothing for business. Yet, when the numbers were tallied for over 80 years they told a completely different fact. Corporate profits grew under Democrats by a 16 percent average while under Republican administrations they shrunk by minus 4.54 percent.

When they took a look at an investor’s $100,000 over a 40-year period under the Republicans your average investment grew by $126,000. Under Democrats during the same period the same $100,000 grew by a whopping $3.98 million dollars.

Under President Reagan, the lowest unemployment figure was 7.1 percent, while Obama’s UE figure is 5.5 percent. I remember in 2009, some people were saying they had to work forever due to their sinking pension funds and Wall Street’s meltdown.

Obama, actually reduced Federal employment while Reagan. increased government hiring and the national debt nearly tripled. Obama has helped business raise capital, people buy homes, and improved nest eggs. Two out of three people today, who have a vested interest in the stock market through 401Ks, have gained over 220 percent in the last 5.5 years, according to Factcheck.org.

A Sept. 10, 2014 Forbes article was headlined “Obama Outperforms Reagan on Jobs Growth.” Forbes, isn’t a liberal outfit by any means and neither is “Factcheck.Org “ run by the University of Pennsylvania and by the Annenberg Foundation. Remember, Republican President Hoover had the Great Depression and President George W. Bush, had the Great Recession: Both drove the car into the ditch.

Unfortunately, some folks make a ton of money off war profiteering, just ask Dick Cheney, with Haliburton. Under George W. Bush we were snookered into wars by a spy actually code-named “Curve ball.” The CIA gave this guy the name because he was so unreliable. He fabricated a story that Saddam had trucks runningaround with nerve gas.

Enjoy your lower gas costs. When George W. Bush left office the national average cost per gallon was $4.46. Now close your eyes for a moment and picture all these economic accomplishments done by a white, Republican president.

The writer, who served in the Marines, lives in Little River.