Letters to the Editor

Letter | Horry County Schools found money for iPads but not summer science teachers. Why?

I was employed by the Horry County School District for 29 years as a seventh grade middle school science teacher.

Although I retired after the 2013-2014 school year, I did not retire from my dedication to young people and did not retire from caring about our educational system.

Throughout my final 10 years of teaching, I contacted two Horry County Schools superintendents, Gerita Postlewaite and Cynthia Elsberry, concerning the middle school summer school program in Horry County. In the program, if a child fails only science or only social studies for the year, they are not required to have remediation in those subjects during the summer school program.

The students are promoted.

If they fail both science and social studies, they are required to attend summer school for ELA or math, not for science or social studies.

In my final year of teaching, Elsberry had a face-to-face meeting with me about my summer school concern. I heard nothing more after that meeting from her, but due to my persistence, Elsberry finally did connect me with several district administrators. After much discussion, HCS developed an abbreviated summer school program for science and social studies that was implemented in the 2013-2014 school year.

Students who failed science or social studies for that year were finally given a remediation program.

I was very pleased with their decision to finally include these two very important academics and hoped that during this current school year, a full-fledged program would be developed.

To my dismay, the summer school program this year only covers a remediation of the topics of math or ELA - again. If you fail science or social studies only, a student will be promoted.

I had been told in previous conversations that there was not enough money allocated for teachers in the summer school program to include these additional subjects.

There is enough money for iPads (which is another story) but not enough for remediation of students in two of the four core academic subjects?

What message are we sending to parents, to students? Where is student accountability?

As a former science teacher, I find this very disturbing and troubling.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.