Letters to the Editor

ALL of us are NOT upset with Trump, Mrs. Rivenbark

Open letter to Celia Rivenbark:

Dear Mrs. Rivenbark,

On occasion, I will glance at your drivel to see what you are harping on now that you think you are a political columnist. You really were good when you stuck to the lighter fare.

However, I did manage to read your recent column, the one with the third paragraph beginning, “Listen, I get it....” and goes on to say “we've all been there” when speaking about how all the American people are upset with our president.

Please don't count me in, as I am one person who is not upset with our president. So since I am one against your use of all people, your statement is wrong. You never asked me my opinion before writing this piece. You need to amend that sentence and issue a correction.

Charlotte Schmidt, North Myrtle Beach