Letters to the Editor

Writers adding fuel to the fire

David Wetzel, shame on you.

Do you have any family members who have fought and died fighting for our freedom? To have the nerve to compare Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick is ludicrous.

I was so happy to see The Sun News do the right thing by putting a story about Tim Tebow on the front page. He deserves the recognition, not a 15-minute of fame jokester. Giving media coverage to disrespectful people is not good for our youngsters growing up. We don't need to let them think it is OK to disrespect this wonderful country we live in.

There are parents raising their children thinking it is OK to believe they are entitled. That is not what the United States was founded on. Columnist Leonard Pitts is another hindrance for what is right and wrong. Why does he even have to be published? He is not from here; he is from Miami.

He is so prejudiced, he reeks of it. He was referring to a letter from a lady who was terrified because she was stopped by a policeman. The policeman who stopped her was very reassuring that everything was OK. He made sure she was OK, that it can be a non-violent event. Instead of taking anything good from that experience, Pitts turned it all around and took the negative view.

Maybe more of us need to have a positive view of things and not be so quick to bring out the bad that is not really there. I hope The Sun News will take it into consideration that we all need to get along, that by publishing Pitts and Wetzel, fuel is added to things that we could all work out together peacefully.

Debra Haught, Little River