Letters to the Editor

Parents have a new local educational option for their kids

I know that we have many people in our area who have long been concerned about public education and its local quality. Witness the $00.01 sales tax that provides infrastructure needs for our local public schools. We also have many newer charter schools, which are a variation of a public school along with a selection of faith-based schools to choose from. However, the nearest general private school was in Pawleys Island, and it was not convenient for many. Our new general private school, The Renaissance Preparatory Academy, fills this local gap.

The school has a great Head /Master Teacher in Ms. Jennifer Delaney, who has her Masters in literacy and has teaching endorsements for early childhood education, gifted and talented, elementary school, along with language arts through ninth grade. She is the right person to head this school, which admits new students every term; the latest term began this past week, with a Sept. 1 enrollment deadline.

The school is fortunate to rent space in the education building of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church. You can stop by and see it at the corner of 33rd Ave. North and U.S. 17 Bypass. You can also check out its website at www.RenaissancePrepMB.org.

As a school, we're not elitist, but rather trainers for the real world. Curiosum, Humanitas, Fortitude & Opus is our our motto. It means we help student follow their curiosity and become courteous, civilized scholars with the grit to persevere through failed attempts, and a willingness to work hard until the job is done and then seek other ways to help or learn.

I am proud to be the founding director of the school's board of directors.

Janice Black, Myrtle Beach