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Letter | North Myrtle Beach can’t - and shouldn’t - annex Atlantic Beach

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North Myrtle Beach can’t - and shouldn’t - annex Atlantic Beach

I disagree with Michael Clodfelter’s letter on March 14. I read the “Letters to the Editor” each and every day. Most are well thought out and make good points. His letter is not one of them.

Clodfelter stated that the answer to the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest problem, and the political incompetence in Atlantic Beach, is for North Myrtle Beach to annex Atlantic Beach.

Mr. Clodfelter, Atlantic Beach is an incorporated town, which means another city can’t just move in and take over. For example, the city of Myrtle Beach can’t annex the city of North Myrtle Beach. There are laws in this state that prohibit such actions.

You stated that you moved here 13 years ago. I do not believe that your home state would allow such a questionable solution.

I also find it interesting that as a Myrtle Beach resident you want North Myrtle Beach residents to send our tax funds and other resources to prop up Atlantic Beach. Maybe you and the residents of your city should send your funds and resources to Atlantic Beach.

You also mentioned the political incompetence of Atlantic Beach and that North Myrtle Beach should address this problem. These incompetent politicians keep getting elected by the citizens of Atlantic Beach.

Perhaps Atlantic Beach deserves the government it has allowed.

John Wilson

North Myrtle Beach