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Letter | Bailey wrong: Bikefest no place for veterans


Bikefest no place for veterans

I could write a book about many things concerning the upcoming Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest and how I feel about it, but I'll keep it short. Specifically, I want to address columnist Issac Bailey's suggestion that veterans should volunteer to be "ambassadors" who roam among the crowds.

If he thinks I would send my father, or anyone else for that matter, anywhere near Myrtle Beach during the time of the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, he is wrong.

However, since he think our veterans will be safe there, I am sure we can expect him, possibly along with his wife and children, to volunteer as ambassadors as well. Meanwhile, we will be trying to shield our eyes from all the nudity that we see riding through our neighborhood and counting the days until this event is over.

Hopefully someday soon, Memorial Day will be celebrated in Myrtle Beach for what it was intended to be - remembering the men and women who died while serving in our country's armed forces.

Teresa Dalton

Myrtle Beach