Letters to the Editor

Letter | Win back America’s ‘Sweet Land of Liberty’

“Sweet Land of Liberty” are words of the past. Today we are part of “Sweet Land of Big Government.” The moral of this is there is plenty of opportunity for “Good Housekeeping” in government. If you wonder why I say this, just read your papers, listen to your radio and watch the news on TV.

As Richard Prebble, MP, New Zealand, said in his 1996 book, “I’ve Been Thinking:” “Most politicians say that their politics reward hard work, individual responsibility and thrift, but they would hardly boast of politics to reward idleness, stupidity and waste. But parties’ politics do indeed reward those who wish a free ride.”

Where does this come from? Well how about Obama’s $4 trillion budget. Tax the rich to pay for college tuition, raise taxes to pay for Obamacare, raise the taxes on small businesses to cover government expansion. As taxes increase, businesses fail or move out of the country.

Again, Richard Prebble in his book stated, “For those who promote socialism as a superior concept to competition is this: (Socialistic) monopolies produce arrogance, inefficiency, a dictatorial attitude from the top down and a sullen and unhelpful service to the public. Where businesses compete with each other we find that co-operation increases. Competitive businesses outperform Socialistic Monopolies.”

D. James Kennedy, in his 1998 book “What if the Bible had Never Been Written,” wrote, “The founding fathers of America designated a form of government that would keep evil in check. They granted the federal government specifically enumerated power only, while all other power were reserved to the States or to the people. They granted 3 branches of government, with their built-in checks and balances. Why did they do that? Because they recognized the danger of concentrating power in the hands of a few, who could manipulate government to further their own ambitions.”

And as we see happening, politicians are exempt from Obamacare, they may enjoy their own free government-paid health care. We allow hordes of illegal immigrants cross the border and pay for their health care and their children’s education while citizens look for work or live on government handouts paid by those who work.

With the borders being open to immigrants, in come the drug cartels. With this comes the government looking the other way as marijuana is slowly being legalized. This takes me back to the late 1800s and early 1900s when China sanctioned drug houses in China for the purpose of keeping citizens under control.

Today through a foreign investors program created by our government, China is buying golf courses, hotels, homes. It’s bad enough they manufacture some of our cars, clothing, TVs and many other products, but now they take our money right under our noses by buying out American owned businesses.

Kennedy also said, “The government does not encompass all of society, there are other spheres of authority. These are the family, and the church, there are the schools, businesses and other endeavors that the government does not naturally have the authority to control.”

Let’s look at our schools. Schools, keep telling us they need more money, and yet literacy rate goes down. Federal government is heavily involved in school curriculum. Colleges are having to teach freshmen basic English before they start regular classes. The decline in education in our schools did not happen overnight. It’s been a gradual process.

Let’s stop studying the problem. Let’s do something. We cannot always blame only the politicians, we have to blame ourselves. We elected them, over and over. Do you realize how many politicians have spent a greater part of their life in office. We allowed them to take power. And with the power they create carnage in America.

God has been removed from Government, from schools, and our voice no longer matters. It’s time to re-create the government that our forefathers created when they said, “We the People.“ It’s time to bring in new people, possibly business people, into government and limit their time in office. Let’s go back to, “Sweet Land of Liberty.”

The writer lives in Conway.