Letters to the Editor

Letter | Fire district referendum means more ISO ratings and insurance savings

I have been involved with the tax increase from the beginning when it was S.293. The Murrells Inlet Professional Fire Fighters and I support this tax increase. The increase is not about rights to vote and dollar signs or ISO ratings and insurance savings.

This issue is about life and there can be no amount of money that can be placed on life. It is time for the Murrells Inlet Fire District to improve their service for the safety of the citizens and they can do that with a “yes” vote on Tuesday.

Let me tell you why a “yes” vote matters.

In the fire service we call the first 10 minutes of any event, whether it is a fire or a medical emergency the Platinum 10 Minutes. The actions taken in the first minutes of any event will dictate the ability of firefighters to save lives and property loss. Fires grow by the seconds and the ability to revive a patient dismisses by seconds.

Inside the Platinum 10 Minutes, the incident must occur, a call must be placed to a dispatch center, and units must be dispatched to the incidents. The responders must drop whatever they are doing immediately, get to their apparatus, dress in the proper personal protective equipment for the incident, and respond in a safe timely manner. This response time; precious minutes, even seconds, for our firefighters are needed to save lives and property.

If we can strategically place more fire stations in areas within the district, we can eliminate some of this response time and allow our firefighters to provide more services in the Platinum Ten Minutes all across the board.

The referendum, if passed, will place Fire Station 4 and firefighters on McDowell Shortcut Road. This will give us the critical minutes and seconds of response time to not only the area west of U.S. 17 Bypass, but to to the entire district. The quick access to our citizens will allow us to provide that care inside those 10 minutes.

A “yes” vote will allow the firefighters to provide better fire coverage and lifesaving procedures in a timely manner so we can keep you, your family, friends, and our visitors safe.

The writer represents International Association of Fire Fighters Local A0039 4th DVP.