Letters to the Editor

Letter | I live in Murrells Inlet but can’t vote for new fire station. Why?


I should be allowed to vote for new firehouse

The ability to vote in each state depends on its rules. I am a South Carolina voter and have been for 5 years. However, because I live in a "new" neighborhood, I'm not allowed to vote in the upcoming vote.

The Murrells Inlet-Garden City fire district covers the southern end of Horry county and northern parts of Georgetown county. Some areas within the district did not exist when it was created and were thus not stated in the legislation.

Prince Creek is one of them.

Horry County funds the fire district at the same level it has since 1992. I do not know if this funding is enough for our current population, but I can't vote.

The population of this area has grown beyond the current ability of the fire department to serve us. Our insurance rates are higher than they should be because of this.

We need another firehouse - but I cannot vote for it.

Sandralee Farmer

Murrells Inlet