Letters to the Editor

Letter | Stop saying “backgate.” There’s neither a back nor a gate at high-profile Myrtle Beach intersection


Time to move on from outdated reference

Please stop using the term “backgate” to refer to the intersection of U.S. 17 Bypass and Farrow Parkway/Socastee Blvd.

There isn’t a gate there.

It isn’t the back of anything anymore.

All it does is confuse visitors and newly transplanted folks. It’s a terrible geographic reference. Try putting “back gate” in your Garmin and see if it gets you anywhere.

The Air Force base closed in 1993 - 22 years ago. Even the S.C. Department of Transportation recognized that fact when they put up the traffic signs at the new overpass.

Do you see the words “back gate” on any of the signs?

What's next? An article on a traffic accident just south of Fort Randall? That’s only been gone 150 years.

Lynn Edwards

Myrtle Beach