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Letter | To disgruntled snowbird: I’m a local and don’t get discounts, and Myrtle Beach is not ‘Murder Beach’

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I’m a local. Where are my discounts?

Some thoughts in response to the March 5 Myrtle Beach, aka “‘Murder Beach,’ becoming a ripoff for snowbirds” letter:

I used to come to Myrtle Beach for vacation as a child, and I have lived in the Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet area for 23 years, therefore I would say I am a full-time resident. I have a local ID. In all these years I have never paid half price for anything.

Where are these special local deals that people have been writing about for so long? I would love to find out what the heck they are talking about.

For years, I have seen people complain about this topic, but only in our paper. I haven’t seen it in Atlanta, Asheville, Indianapolis, Louisville, Seattle, Charleston or any other place I have spent several weeks and read the paper. Is Myrtle Beach the only one accused of this practice?

I don’t like price gouging either, but I don’t see it. Of course the miniature golf places are empty now; most of them are closed in the winter. Perhaps I am just not observant enough. We have no control over the weather, and I am happy that many people are finding it to their liking in more southern states.

I have been tempted to find warmer climates myself, but I am not of retirement age as of yet. I am glad the nuisance establishments are closed; I had hoped that would happen. I have seen plenty of those types of places in Georgia and Florida, so going farther south won’t allow anyone to escape the debauchery of man. (And it is men who frequent those places). I also didn’t like it when someone was referring to our area as Murder Beach. I suspect she thought they were being clever or funny.

It wasn’t.

Perhaps some are used to prices as they were 34 years ago and just don’t want inflation to occur. I don’t want gasoline to go back up to almost 4 dollars but I can’t stop it if it does. I don’t understand why people feel that complaining to The Sun News will stop the “ripoffs to snowbirds.” If you fly, you know that the person in the seat next to you might have paid less. Are you mad because they got a better deal and you didn’t? The guy in the car next to you might have paid less for his car that is exactly like yours. Do you send him sour grapes? I prefer not to have inflation happen either but that is a fine line that the business must handle. They either retain their customers and thrive or they won’t. It’s called capitalism.

Tracy Crane

Murrells Inlet