Letters to the Editor

Letter | A ‘yes’ vote maintains fire excellence in the Murrells Inlet area


A ‘yes’ vote maintains fire excellence

As an insurance agent, I understand the importance of good ISO ratings and proximity to fire stations for lower fire insurance premiums.

The Murrells Inlet-Garden City Fire District has done a very good job of achieving ISO ratings, putting it near the top of all fire departments in the nation, and has thoughtfully planned for a fire station in the Burgess area that will put all property owners in the district within 5 miles of a station, which is important by insurance company standards.

However, beyond maintaining low insurance rates is the importance of saving lives and property. A “yes” vote in the March 17 fire district referendum will ensure that the district has enough funding to maintain its high level of fire protection and to build the Burgess fire station, dramatically reducing fire and EMS response times to the area.

Please vote “yes” on March 17 for both public safety and low insurance rates.

Ronnie Gasque

Murrells Inlet