Letters to the Editor

Letter | TV stations cry wolf over storms, destroy credibility

The so-called “stormy season” in Myrtle Beach has begun, and with it, we have TV’s interruption of programming with banners racing across the TV screen, bells, whistles, sirens, buzzers and all sorts of hysterical weather warnings, as though a Category 5 hurricane were about to strike.

One night at approximately 12 minutes before 8 p.m., the Jeopardy program was approaching its exciting conclusion when all the noise began and the program I had been watching was blotted out. In its place were buzzers, banners and finally a weather man showing weather maps, diagrams, all sorts of storm-related material warning of severe storms throughout the state, and instructions on where to seek shelter, then a repetition of more buzzers, and finally Jeopardy was back on.

But before Jeopardy could be shown, all the missed commercials were shown. And you know what? Here in Myrtle Beach there wasn’t even a roll of thunder. My dog, who panics in thunderstorms lay quietly at my feet.

Please guys, you’ve got to stop this weather hysteria. People will not believe you when the real thing hits. We’re not out in the Midwest, which gets hundreds of tornados every spring. I’ve lived in Myrtle Beach for almost nine years. Since I’ve lived here, there hasn’t yet been a serious storm. We live near the ocean, a locale that is prone to thunderstorms. Nobody in their right mind goes singing in the rain during a thunderstorm.

A warning banner is sufficient if there is a possibility of any significant weather event. Please stop this insane hysteria in blocking out programming from your viewers. You are crying wolf each and every time, hence you are losing credibility. Your viewers can no longer believe you.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.