Letters to the Editor

Letters | Media failing to report border invasion; Symphony concert in North Myrtle Beach a rare treat; Solution for the immigration crisis?

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Media failing to report

the border invasion

Unbelievable. Aside from a great column by David Limbaugh, Not one word printed about the thousands of illegals invading our borders — not only unaccompanied children, but teen-age gang members, people carrying diseases, who will swamp our schools, our hospitals, and who will be demanding benefits our country cannot afford.

Who are these people and how did they cross our borders? And why is our president not doing one darn thing except to whine for more money — money that would not be used to stop this invasion, just to administer it. He visits Texas for a fundraiser, doesn't even bother to go to the border.

This is an invasion, pure and simple, encouraged by a corrupt administration and by a liberal media. And yet an American Marine sits in a Mexican jail, for months, penalized for making a wrong turn, and not one bit of help from Obama. Americans should be outraged by this hypocrisy — more of them certainly would be if their local papers were more informative and not so politically correct!

Marie Wayland

Murrells Inlet


Bravo to symphony

for performance

My husband and I were visiting from Gettysburg, Pa. recently and attended the wonderful "One Nation Under God" concert at Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church.

We would like to thank the City of North Myrtle Beach, Mayor Marilyn Hatley, Horry County Arts Council, the Long Bay Symphony Orchestra, Director Pat Hatcher, and all the talented singers and staff.

We have not enjoyed anything like this in a long time.

Henry and Linda Seamon

Gettysburg, Pa.


Solution to

immigration crisis?

You know, I really feel badly for those kids sneaking into the United States from Central America. But once they're here, escaping the gangs or whatever poor conditions they faced at home, they are being treated better than they ever have before.

So I'm thinking that we should start smuggling our kids who are suffering the same circumstances in the United States into Central America, and then smuggle them again back into the U.S. Maybe that way, those who are trying to avoid gangs and crushing poverty in places like Chicago might find the help they need. Just a thought.

Ray Maggio