Letters to the Editor

Letter | Issac Bailey still deceived by Obama

Re: July 10 column by Issac Bailey, “Thank Romney for jobs”

No matter how long you are gone, you still have the same perspective. You go on to quote Bloomberg reporting the U.S. has overtaken Saudi Arabia as the world's top oil producer as if Obama had made it happen.

He has fought tooth and nail against increasing fossils fuels, oil, gas and coal. He has railed against the Keystone Pipeline when the approval would bring more oil and gas security to this country. He has no problem with oil being transported via railroad, the most dangerous form of oil transport.

When he took office, gas was less the $1.39 cents a gallon. We have had one scandal after another, IRS, AP, Fast & Furious, Benghazi. The border has been unsecured and now thousands of children are coming across and the President would not even go there to see for himself when he was only 200 miles away.

When will you address some of these issues in lieu of trying to deceive your readers?

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.