Letters to the Editor

Letters | Stop using Common Core as a political wedge and focus on improving education

The Carolinas are getting on the anti-Common Core band wagon and trying to legislate it out of existence.

Common Core started as a bipartisan idea and was developed by educators and businessmen. It is a voluntary national standard developed to ignite new and more innovative ways of educating and getting more learning productivity out of our students.

It was never meant to be turned into a divisive and toxic political wedge issue by our politicians. Shouldn’t our education system be free of political partisanship and the whims of those who occupy the State House or White House?

Are we not more than just political animals? Can’t we set aside political theater for the sake of our children’s education? The fact is, we are in the middle of the pack when it comes to world education. Isn’t a change of direction justified? Wouldn’t a new set of standards help advance that change?

Our students do not care about politics; they care about learning. Parents do not care about politics, they care about their kids’ education. It is time to end political polarization in the administration of our schools. So all of you in the Carolinas legislatures, please get out of the way of Common Core.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.