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Letters | Banning Bikefest a no-brainer; Thanks to Little River folks for kindness to strangers; Goldfinch pay-hike support reflects wisdom, not greed

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Banning Bikefest

a no-brainer

I could not agree more with Thomas D’Arminio’s letter about the “culture” that was involved in the shootings during the Memorial Day Bikefest. If you want to say it wasn’t the bikers that were involved but “spectators,” fine. But that young violent “culture” is the problem. If during Harley bike week, the Hells Angels were involved in eight shootings and three murders, that event would be banned so fast your head would spin.

The old saying, a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch, could probably be applied here. But that’s not a reason not to ban it. Others have having to suffer for the actions of others is the way it’s been since the dawn of time. But in our politically correct environment and the fear of being called racist overrules common sense. When mainstream visitors or residents of any color are fearful of going to the beach, to a restaurant, for a walk, to the movies whatever, even if it is because of the actions a few, it’s time to ban it. It’s a no-brainer.

Bob Zawadski

Murrells Inlet


Thanks to Little River folks

for kindness to strangers

I am writing to say how much my husband and I appreciate the local folks of Little River. We got a flat tire on June 28th and were overwhelmed by the number of people who stopped to check on us and offer help.

One towing company owner actually went home for equipment and returned to plug our tire and get us on the road safely. What makes this special is we had a flat the day before (on a different tire) in Murrells Inlet. We were disabled on busy Business 17, and only one person stopped to help in the two hours that we waited, and he was from Georgia. We own a condo in Longs, have been coming to this area for over 20 years, and wanted the people of Little River to know that their kindness did not go unnoticed.

Rebecca Scheuer

Narvon, Pa.


Pay-hike support

reflects wisdom

Vida Miller apparently wants only rich people to represent us in House Seat 108.

Currently a state representative is paid a salary of $200 a week. For that, plus other reimbursements for real expenses while on state business, a representative is expected to be available in Columbia nearly 6 months every year, make countless trips to and from Columbia and countless hours at home attending meetings and serving voters.

Rep. Stephen Goldfinch recently supported a long overdue pay raise for House members by adding a whopping $230 a week for a total of $430 a week, and Vida Miller screams that they must be getting rich. Mrs. Miller, unlike you, the vast majority of us could not afford to be elected, but we deserve the opportunity.

Our government was set up to be run by the common man. How many of us can afford to take on the job of a state representative for $430 a week? If we are not willing to pay even more than $430 a week, we will never have the representation from regular folk like ourselves. I say raise the salary to $60,000 a year and get what we pay for.

Bill Hills

Murrells Inlet