Letters to the Editor

Letter | Citizens need the real story about critical issues

Are there any honest and unbiased journalists out there, who will give the truth when they write or report? There are at least two sides to each and every story but our so called journalists of today tend to leave out the side that does not reflect their own ideological beliefs.

The House of Representatives is blamed and portrayed as the ones who shut down government and fail to pass bills that come to them from the Senate, few as those are. They continue to do the business of the people who elected them by passing many bills that are shelved in the Senate and never heard of again.

Our House representatives are closer to the people that elect them than any other branch of government as they come from our individual districts. They know us and what we want better than the senators and the President could ever know. We need to give them credit for what they do despite the lack of action by the senate and the President on many issues that continue to worsen as time goes by.

There are many issues in this blame game, such as the IRS and the VA scandals, but the one that concerns me at this moment is the immigration problem. Do you know that the House sent an immigration bill to the senate before the senate passed their Gang of Eight Bill and it was shelved like so many other House bills by the senate’s own Harry Reid?

Do you know why the House will not take up and pass the Gang of Eight Bill? It depends on this President and his administration to enforce the law and secure the border, which they have not done and I believe will not do. It is one of the definitions of insanity to pass a bill without border security. We will have another 10 million to 12 million undocumented illegals in a very short time without shutting down the border.

It is my belief that the President and the Democrats want to increase our entitlement rolls to ensure their continued elections even though we cannot sustain this continued growth in entitlements. I know that I have lost some of you with that last statement but for those of you still here, I would like to say that I am for legal immigration. Illegal immigration is unfair to those who are waiting in line to come here legally.

The unfairness does not stop there. Have you ever thought about why big business wants those workers here? There is only one logical answer and that is they want the cheaper labor, and guess what the consequences of that is, could it be less jobs for Americans?

Our so-called journalists are derelict in so many ways that I cannot address all of them in this writing but I must call them on one more thing. There is no way that our reported unemployment percentage is accurate. They need to explain that so many of the jobs that have been created are part time and for far less pay than the previous jobs. Americans are hurting in so many ways that are not being reported and one big way is the cost of living. Our gas price has gone from $1.89 six years ago to over $3 for 5 ½ years! Food and heating and air conditioning are also up. How’s your income — up or down?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.