Letters to the Editor

Letter | Believe in climate change or not, we need to protect the environment

Re: July 5 letter from Bert Kuthe, “Repeating climate change errors doesn’t make them true”

Bert Kuthe has an admirable concern for facts. Unfortunately, the concern seems to extend only to unimportant ones.

Yes, carbon dioxide is a natural part of the atmosphere essential for life. The same is true of water, yet we still have lifeguards to prevent people from drowning in it. Carbon dioxide absorbs heat. That’s not statistical consensus or prediction, that’s physics. A bottle with normal air will heat up less than a bottle with air plus extra carbon dioxide. You can do the experiment at home by adding carbon dioxide with a hose connected to a separate bottle filled with vinegar and baking soda. The more carbon dioxide in the air, the hotter it gets.

Releasing Earth’s ancient carbon into the air is still a recent experiment. We are still learning and advancing. Modern science is still very young. For example, during World War I, the British cavalry were still riding horses into battle. One can barely imagine that now with all our computers and smart phones.

Climate model predictions may be flawed, but in the face of uncertainty we must still be mindful about the consequences of our actions. Are we willing to wager the future of the earth just hoping for the best?

I suggest every person go and visit a landfill to realize just how much waste Americans produce and hope that recycling efforts continue to build to keep the earth alive for future generations, including myself.

The writer is a Murrells Inlet native and now lives in Atlanta.