Letters to the Editor

Letters | Crime headline belies Myrtle Beach efforts to attract tourists; Tony Gwynn gone, but his ethics not forgotten; Kudos to New York for giving local governments OK over fracking

Your views on the news and editorials in your newspaper are welcomed.


Headline belies efforts

of city to attract tourists

Having “Violent Crime Remains Steady” as the large bold headline in the July 6 paper is more than ludicrous. While I understand what you were trying to portray in the article, having it as the lead story in a vacation economy community during the season offsets all the positive advertising that has been made for the Grand Strand.

Does the Sun News purely go ready, fire, aim or does anyone on the editorial staff ever peruse the paper before it is published. Last week your editor apologized for problems with the crossword puzzle and spelling mistakes. The local reading public can accept those mistakes, but not the stupidity of this headline. Why not, “Visit the Grand Strand, it is even safer than Detroit, Newark and Camden.”

Ken Jensen

Murrells Inlet

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Role model

Gwynn gone but ethic

won’t be forgotten

Baseball is a passion with me. Raising four sons in our home was about 3 “B’s”— Bible, boys, and baseball. So the passing of Tony Gwynn is a shocker. He was a natural and a deserving Hall of Famer.

It seemed when you watched him play, that no matter the pitchers, they were somehow serving up pitches like on a T for Tony to hit. I believe he could hit in his sleep. This lifetime national league San Diego Padre is rightly labeled “Mr. Padre” on his life-sized statue in front of the stadium.

However, Tony was more than life sized — to baseball and to his community. He was said by all, to be a warm, friendly and engaging person. He kept his life clean and was the essence of the work ethic. Tony Gwynn was a poster child for all that’s right in the game. He will be missed, but not forgotten. Howard Cosell coined a phrase, “He’s the best at what he does.” Tony was the best. He inspires us to live our lives clean and with a work ethic and goal to be the best at what we do.

Steven Guy

Myrtle Beach

The writer is minister of the Myrtle Beach Church of Christ.


Kudos to New York

for letting locals decide

I want to applaud New York State for having the good sense to award local governments the power to decide whether or not “fracking“ should be allowed within their boundaries.

This is a double win. The people win, as opposed to Big Government or Big Business, because they get to decide their own fates. And for those local governments that do ban hydraulic fracturing, the earth wins.

The only loser is greed.

Michael Smith

Myrtle Beach