Letters to the Editor

Letter | Responsible dog owners don’t let them ride in truck beds

I have been in the Murrells Inlet area for six weeks and during that time have witnessed at least that many times, careless behavior on the part of dog owners.

While driving down the road, it both angers and unnerves me that people throw their dogs in the back of a pick-up truck untethered with no thought to the consequences or interest in the safety of the dog they have taken under their care as their pet.

Recently, there was an incident where a dog got out of a crate in the back of a truck and was hit and killed by the car traveling behind the truck. I hope that incident gives people pause to reflect on their irresponsible behavior.

Our pets rely on us, as intelligent, responsible humans to protect them and not be careless with their lives. This disturbing trend represents a group of people who are neither, and not deserving of the unconditional love our pets give us.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.