Letters to the Editor

Letter | Questions about Bikefest ‘solutions,’ and those pesky tourists

Re: June 21 letter from Tristan Mardall, “As long as we’re banning bikers, let’s get rid of golfers too”

I read, with a degree of humor, Tristan's letter in The Sun News.

I would first like to say my thoughts and prayers remain with the heartfelt loss of the families of the people who died during the recent events in Myrtle Beach on Memorial Day.

I, like Tristan, have been attempting to follow the news reports, both through The Sun News articles and the local TV news reports on what I can only describe as the "Memorial Day Disruption.”

If I understand the facts of the situation, because of a motorcycle rally, held in a nearby city where no violence occurred, the "followers" came to Myrtle Beach and proceeded to cause mayhem and destruction. Basic lawlessness reigned in Myrtle Beach from about sundown on Friday before Memorial Day and continued unabated until the shooting at the Bermuda Sands Hotel.

At some point during this weekend, Ocean Boulevard was shut down, totally, for about 45 minutes, and the Myrtle Beach Police were unable, (unwilling) to stop this mayhem, and other activities of an unlawful nature. After the shooting, the police, Myrtle Beach Police, Horry County Sheriff and SLED agents were able to gain control of the situation.

I also understand that no arrests have yet been made in the Bermuda Sands Hotel but some arrests have been made in other shootings that occurred the same night. The Horry County Sheriff's Department was able to arrest reeth people for distributing counterfeit goods.

In response, the Myrtle Beach City Council held a public meeting, which I attended. It was obvious to me, and apparent to others with whom I discussed the situation, that the Council was basically clueless.

According to published reports in The Sun News and local TV coverage, no bike riders were involved in any of the shootings. So why would a rally be shut down if they were not involved. And the Myrtle Beach City Council's response, through their budget, is to cut a request to add 20 new police officers to 10 officers so they can fund the new Performing Arts Center as an ongoing expense.

I think I am beginning to understand the way the council is thinking. They must be thinking that a live performance of "Oklahoma" or "Madam Butterfly" would have given the hoodlums who created such mayhem and death in the streets of Myrtle Beach, an alternative way to enjoy themselves.

I guess the City Council and the Mayor do not subscribe to the idea that performances at the gentlemen's clubs, which they are in process of putting out of business, as being the caliber of "performing" arts.

But I digress. I do agree with Tristan that golfers should be next. I can not tell you the amount of times I have had to wait in a restaurant for a seat because a rowdy group of golfers and their families are enjoying a great meal. And they cause such traffic jams. If golfers were stopped, then we could easily drive on the roads. I would guess in the future all car shows would be stopped as well.

The writer lives in near Myrtle Beach.