Letters to the Editor

Letter | CCU football deserves better

Our local families have graduated from, or support, other schools such as Clemson, Carolina as well as other fine colleges from neighboring states. Yet few of these fans travel to their alma maters for football afternoons.

CCU is sitting at the front doorstep of the coastal community ready for family fun, tailgating and an afternoon of fine football. The cost is negligible and the parking is abundant, setting up a magnificently charged afternoon with Southern charm one would expect on a beautiful South Carolina fall afternoon.

I have attended the football games at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) since the program began over a dozen years ago. It is appalling to see the lack of local and student support for this fine team. I see at each home game the parking spaces are mostly vacant in the Teal Section. I have been told that these spaces are all paid for — well where are the people?

It is nice that organizations and businesses support the school financially; however, we need people in the stadium to cheer for the home team. For those businesses that have purchased season tickets, please make sure that the people that receive them actually attend the game.

We especially need more support from the student body. Where are all the students on game day? Not in the stadium supporting the home team, that is for sure. Why such apathy for such a fine sports program? Come on you sororities and fraternities, stake your claim to a portion of the student zone and make plenty of noise.

We are now in the national spotlight with the past conference and play-off wins and have several former CCU players in the NFL. With all this, the community and the students should be eager to attend the games and support this up and coming team.

Between Myrtle Beach, Conway and especially the student body of CCU, the stadium should be filled each and every home game. Last year when the play-off game was held here, there were barely 3,000 people in attendance. This is shameful. We need to get behind this fine football program and support it with our attendance and cheers.

Folks, this is not church, you are allowed to holler and yell for the home team. So when you do come, do not sit there with arms crossed like a bunch of zombies — stand up and make noise.

The CCU football tickets are available at www.goccusports.com/tickets or by calling 347- 8499. Bring the family, have some fun and see some first-class university football right here at home.

The writer lives in Little River.