Letters to the Editor

Letter | Second thoughts on deal for soldier’s release

Re: June 22 letter from Bob Freeland, “Administration’s Bergdhal actions and reactions dishonor those who served”

I too was alarmed at the Obama administration publicity regarding Bowe Bergdhal's release. I thought POTUS really stepped in it this time, until I thought of possibilities that we civilians aren’t privy to.

First was the man’s mental state. He may have and may still be suffering from one or more of a long list at mental disorders that we do not and may never know about. He may have been hazed by his platoon mates to the point of distraction. I can think of many reasons why fellow soldiers would bully a person. After all, some of them are still teenagers and the high school mentality a not-too-distant memory.

Piling on this guy as they did could be a way of disassociating themselves from an untoward attitude that they sit ashamed of. There is plenty of evidence of the immediate chain of command not taking seriously or being unaware of an individual’s pressure from “buddies,” his or her significant other, or delusions emanating from one’s own brain.

The truth is unknown. It may never be known because of HIPPA laws (I assume they apply to the military as well). If someone does know the whole truth, it seems a possibility that it was whispered in violation of law. Just saying.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.