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Letters | Goldfinch votes fail his constituents; New tent rule doesn’t create more space on the beach; Surfside planned tax hike betrays wasteful spending

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Goldfinch votes fail

his constituents

I read with interest in several local media outlets Rep. Stephen Goldfinch's comments regarding his justification on accepting both an increase in his travel allowance as well as a pay raise. I find both rather ludicrous, especially in light of his refusal to support a pay raise for our local first responders, such as the Murrells Inlet fire department.

I have also been disappointed in Mr. Goldfinches' support of Flow Control, which if passed, will turn over our local waste facilities to for-profit mega corporations. We don't need the likes of Goldfinch, who cares less about his constituents than his pocketbook.

Hartmut Fege

Pawleys Island


New rule doesn’t create

more space on beach

I have just returned from our family’s first trip to North Myrtle Beach since the tent ban came into effect.

The conditions on the beach are much worse than before the tent ban. It was much more crowded and much more difficult to get around. Someone really needs to rethink this.

And no, we were not there during the July 4th week, we were there in the middle of June.

Donna Blackwelder

Harrisburg, Pa.


Plan to boost taxes

betrays wasteful spending

Re: June 21 letter from Tim and Eileen Glover, “Proposed tax hike not fair to residents”

Kudos to the Glovers for protesting proposed city tax hike as unfair. They listed several ways that city council has improperly and wastefully used "our money" for projects. For example signs, seminars, parking meters, improper use of facilities, etc. (their list). I will add some more shortly.

I am a 27ish-year resident of Surfside Beach. I was also in business here (licensed). So I know a little bit about what goes on here. As per city council meeting and The Sun News recent edition, "we have been spending more than we have taken in since 2008."

Some examples are major-city size firehouse and library, buying a huge fishing pier and restaurant, beginning repair and restoration to said pier, only to have their permits rejected by someone in power (who knows) and resulting work torn down, all on our dime. The list goes on.

I would not have stayed in business very long had I "spent more than I took in." Folks who live here, keep your eye open and register to vote. Please miss part of your ball game, soap opera, quiz show, etc. and go vote. We have been getting only about 20 percent of registered voters turn out. Remember, if you don't vote, don't complain.

Larry Mozingo

Surfside Beach