Letters to the Editor

Letter | Swimming holes versus boat landings, children should come first

Swimmers have had their swimming holes such as Red Bluff since the beginning of civilization here in Horry County. I swam at Red Bluff as a child and had the first water ski boat on the Waccamaw River.

The swimmers have to swim where they have always swum to stay away from the water moccasin snake beds along the river's edge. The snakes have left the water hole areas because of the frequent presence of the swimmers.

When we had our boat on the river, we always came in on the far outer edge of the swimmers and tried to stay away from them.

Population has grown.

There is another landing about 1 to 3 miles down river from the Red Bluff landing. I suggest that the boats go down there to put in. The swimmers need the water hole at the bridge, where it is safer for them.

The swimmers’ rights should have priority as they were there first and most of them cannot afford a boat or do not choose to afford a boat as they have other goals. County Council should protect our children's swimming holes. The children should come first.

The writer lives in Conway.