Letters to the Editor

Letter | Netanyahu only doing for Israel what Obama should do for America

I have a feeling that the critics who blast Israel over the air strikes in Gaza are the same who remain silent when radical Muslims cause violence and death wherever they are, all over the World.

They are the usual politically correct leftist appeasers who, every time Israel takes action to defend itself, they break their silence and criticize, and when HAMAS’ thugs attack they they are are horrified by Israel’s response.

I consider them a bunch of hypocrites and I do not think they care about the innocent Arabs who die as much as they hate the Jews.

They are probably the same people who supported President George Bush when – in his naïve messianic ardor to spread Democracy in the Middle East – he supported the first (and last ) elections in Gaza which elected the terrorists of HAMAS into power. The same HAMAS that vows to kill Jews and throw them into the Mediterranean Sea.

I only ask those who still support and send millions of U.S. dollars to Arab thugs, what would they do if, from, Cuba our Southern Florida was attacked again and again with rockets? Would they choose to stay idle and suffer the attacks?

Would they hold an attitude identical to that of allowing thousands of illegals to enter the United States and do nothing about it ? Maybe they would rather surrender than fight, for basically they come across as a cowardly crowd.

Fortunately for Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu is not as slow to act as Obama, and he certainly is not an appeaser. He would never allow Israel’s borders to be violated with total impunity as our own with Mexico are.

Netanyahu acts and responds like a caring, decisive and patriot politician ought to. Therefore he rightly attacks the source of the hundreds of rockets thrown at Israel’s populations.

The fact that some innocent Arabs die in the process is, well, collateral damage. We all know that HAMAS thugs hide behind women and children. Exactly the same thing heppens when Obama’s American drones fall in the Waziristan ‘s villages allegedly to kill terrorists and kill civilians instead.

I hope that Israel will continue to fight back and defend itself every time it is attacked.

They are surrounded by violent, chaotic nations. Israel is truly an island of peace, prosperity and democracy in a convoluted Middle East, which the U.S. made much worse by intervening in Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.