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Letters | When it comes to Myrtle Beach-area crime, where do we draw line on troublemakers?; Charitable giving needs focus to get results; Show consideration for HOA board members

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Where do we draw

line on troublemakers?

Re: July 1 letter from Tristan Mardall, “As long as we’re banning bikers, let’s get rid of golfers too”

If Mr. Mardall thinks there is no crime, gun violence or prostitution in Myrtle Beach, except in May, perhaps he should try reading your newspaper year round.

All swerving drivers are drunk golfers? Can he magically see their clubs inside the vehicle?

Let's ban families with young children as well. They make too much noise in our restaurants.

Ken Joiner

Myrtle Beach


Charitable giving needs

focus to achieve results

Re: June 30 letter from Rabbi David Weissman, “Life Lesson: Err on the side of compassion”

Rabbi Weissman sounds like a very decent person with the best of intentions and is to be commended for his feelings of compassion. However, I must respectfully disagree with the advice he presents regarding charitable giving.

Giving to everyone who requests a handout as he recommends, regardless of whether they are “phonies”, alcoholics, or drug users is inefficient and even counterproductive. It is far better to give generously to organizations that screen applicants not only to eliminate the hustlers and scammers but also to determine the level and appropriate type of assistance that is warranted (food, clothing, assistance with bills, etc.).

The need is great and resources are limited. Every dollar given to a phony, a person who is already receiving assistance from multiple charitable organizations or to enable someone to continue irresponsible and self-destructive behavior is one less dollar that could be given to a person with legitimate need. I personally favor organizations that have low operating expenses because they rely heavily on volunteers, and others that strive to provide jobs to persons who might not otherwise have employment.

Woodie Fox

North Myrtle Beach


Show consideration

board members

Re: July 6 article by Steve Jones on Home Owners Associations

HOA board members (volunteers, and many are retirees) would greatly appreciate a little consideration from the HOA members. Just a word about constant complainers: I call them “dysfunctional misfits,” and I define them as people off on their mission to push their never-ending agenda via defensive rambling and techniques to convince the masses of their “mine is the only way” attitude.

Let's also take a quote from Harvey Milk: "Worry about becoming a human being and not about how you can prevent others from enjoying their lives because of your own inability to adjust to life." It would be nice for the complainers to adjust a bit: they will find their lives to be more enjoyable, with less drama and conflict.

David Murphy

Myrtle Beach