Letters to the Editor

Letter | Goldfinch out of touch with his South Strand constituents

The population in the fire district that serves Murrells Inlet and Garden City has outgrown the ability of the fire department in that district to adequately protect the safety of its residents. Funds are needed to construct and operate an additional fire station.

Without this additional facility the insurance rate for residents of the district will probably increase and the ability of the fire department to respond to fires will be diminished.

A bill has been introduced by S.C. Sen. Ray Cleary that would increase the millage rate in the district to fund this additional fire station.

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Not so fast, says S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch. Mr. Goldfinch has refused to vote for this bill because he signed a pledge to not raise taxes for any reason.

Now, there is a responsible elected official for you. Instead of looking at the specific issue and weighing the pros and cons of how it will or will not benefit his constituents Goldfinch simply is saying it doesn’t matter — no taxes, period.

Well, Mr. Goldfinch your refusal to support this bill — which will only cost the average citizen $20 per year, or $1.66 per month, or less than 6 cents per day in exchange for lower insurance rates and an increased ability for the fire department to provide more adequate fire protection to the district — just gives those who live in the district another reason for celebrating the fact that Vida Miller has stepped up to oppose your Neanderthal thinking as she seeks to replace you as a state representative.

Vida will weigh the merits of all issues facing folks in her district and will work to be responsive to their needs; instead of making some broad-brush pledge to someone or some group not even concerned about the plight of local citizenry.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.