Letters to the Editor

Letter | Culture of violence, not weapons, is to blame for Memorial Day killings in Myrtle Beach

Issac Bailey's column in the Sun News on June 26 is an example of why violence continues to happen when diverting attention from the root of the problem. Which is it, guns and the gun culture, the Myrtle Beach officials, or should it be the culture from which the violence started?

It amazes me to see a person with the opportunity that he has to contribute to the solution of a problem, turn a blind eye and give his own personal and bias beliefs instead.

His comment that, "I'll believe with white-hot passion," that they simply want things to get better, referring to the Myrtle Beach officials, is to suggest it is their fault for what happened on Memorial Day weekend during Bikefest and not the fault of the individuals involved.

The violence was caused by a violent element of society and that cannot be disputed. The exhibition of total disregard and disrespect for Memorial Day weekend during Bikefest by the people who took over Ocean Boulevard was disgusting. I have never seen such behavior in my life. I have been to many other cities on Memorial day weekend and this by far was the worst.

It's no surprise that guns would be blamed for the violence that occurred. Of course it had nothing to do with the people involved and their motive. It's the same old story, a criminally minded person shoots and kills someone and it's the gun’s fault. I didn't hear of anyone getting shot during the Harley Bike week, and guns were just as easily available.

To blame the guns and the gun culture for the killings that took place on Memorial Day weekend is like blaming the car for vehicular homicide. I'm sure the thugs who had the guns weren't law abiding citizens. Would Bailey want to outlaw cars because of the deaths caused by auto?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.