Letters to the Editor

Letters | Poor VA care not a new phenomenon; Tent-less beaches drive visitors elsewhere; Thanks but no thanks for poor journalism

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Vets’ care not

a new phenomenon

As the 40th anniversary of my husband's death from cancer is nearing, I thought about all the news coverage on how the Veterans Administration has treated our veterans.

Back in 1973 my husband was having a lower GI series done at the Charleston VA hospital. I thought it was taking too long so I asked where he was. I found him in a wheelchair in the hallway (in a lot of pain). His lower intestines would not release the barium. If anyone has ever had a lower GI, the one place you would not want to be is in a wheelchair in a hallway far from a toilet.

I demanded that he be moved to a room close to a bathroom and in a supine position. I'm sure my 40-year-old story is not an isolated one. It's a shame it has taken veterans dying for action to be taken.

Lynn Holder

Myrtle Beach


Visitors find other sites

for vacation activities

Well, our second group of family guests have just departed for home from “The Country's Favorite Family Vacation Destination.” Interestingly enough, neither group chose to visit the world renowned beachfront of the Grand Strand.

Both were turned off by the no-tent laws recently enacted by our anti-tourist tourism-promoting leadership. They were concerned about having no shelter or not enough shelter to get out of the sun, an umbrella just doesn't do it for a family of four. One family just didn't visit the beach during their stay in the Myrtle Beach area, the other family chose to visit a more tourist-friendly beach in North Carolina.

Tents are not the problem. People who disregard the pre-existing tent and canopy regulations are the problem. Seems like as a society we have chosen to penalize all instead of penalizing the few who break the laws. Easier that way I guess.

Tom Scott



Thanks but no thanks

for poor journalism

I would like to thank your editor, Carolyn Callison Murray, for her shaded apology for errors that appear at times in The Sun News. Minor items we can all live with, but some of the errors are just poor journalism.

Three examples come to mind. In Tuesday’s newspaper in the Sports section Area Touring Pros you show Sebastian Soderberg twice with the same statistics, but different pictures. Secondly, a few days ago when you showed the score of a Pelican's Game you had the Pelican's on top winning 11-3 when in all of baseball, the home team is always listed second in a line score, whether they win or lose.

Your sports editor should know this as it is Baseball 101. My third example always makes me laugh. When you have a story on an event just completed, but show pictures from the event two years ago. Also when people send in pictures where color is key, you obviously don't understand that this cannot be seen in black and white. Minor mistakes happen and are missed by most readers, however these are not missed edits, but missed journalism logic and understanding.

Ken Jensen

Murrells Inlet