Letters to the Editor

Letter | Goldfinch’s no-tax pledge hampers community’s safety

Grover Norquist, a Washington lobbyist, has found a mouthpiece in the person of S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch, whose district includes Murrells Inlet in Georgetown County and Garden City in Horry County. Norquist is the author of the pledge never ever to raise taxes that folks like Goldfinch signed as part of their running for office. The problem is that one person's taxes is another person's way of providing critically needed services for the community.

Case in point is the attempt to raise the millage rate for the fire district that serves Murrells Inlet and Garden City. A bill was introduced by S.C. Sen. Ray Cleary to increase the millage rate for the district $20 per year on the average. This increase would enable the construction and operation of an additional fire station. Not only would citizens be safer, but insurance rates would go down, more than making up for the millage increase.

Enter Mr. Goldfinch who refused to vote for the bill because he said it violates his pledge not to raise any taxes. At the same time, Mr. Goldfinch was voting to give himself a raise of $12,000, which will be paid for by tax payers.

I'm so glad that Vida Miller is seeking replace Mr. Goldfinch. It seems to me that she is the "common sense conservative" in the race. We can't afford Mr. Goldfinch's penny-wise and pound-foolish worldview.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.