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Letters | New explanation for gun violence; Repeating climate change errors doesn’t make them true; Woman’s words against bike rally demonstrate hypocrisy

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New explanation for

continued gun violence

Re: June 28 letter from Charles Byrd, “Flight should have OKd gun”

The killings continue and with them the gun debate. Mike Huckabee says the problem is sin, not guns; Marco Rubio thinks it's violence; and Walt Williams thinks it's lack of morals.

How they come to the conclusion that it's all right to have hundreds of millions of guns in a country whose population is sinful, violent and immoral is beyond me. I've come to the conclusion that our real problem is that we have far too many idiots.

Bert Kuthe

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Climate change

Repeating errors doesn’t

make them true

Re: June 19 letter from Hannah Blakeman, “Congress must stop thwarting anti-pollution plans”

Hannah Blakeman apparently doesn’t know the difference between an opinion, a fact and a statistic. The 97 percent statistic she reports is neither a fact nor representative opinion of climate scientists. Scientists have criticized using the methodology behind the 97 percent to claim consensus about the dangers of climate change.

Is carbon dioxide a pollutant? No, government regulators and judges cannot make this a fact. Carbon dioxide is a natural part of the atmosphere; without it earth would be dead.

Finally, catastrophic events predicted by global warming alarmists are based on climate models which have been poor at predicting anything. They are so bad at predicting temperatures modelers have decided to change the way they calculate temperatures to make them conform to the model rather than admit the model is wrong.

Let’s hope Congress opposes climate hysteria.

Barbara Latta

Myrtle Beach

Harley rally

Writer’s words show

hypocritical perspective

I find it interesting that a person who implies through her words that she is a God-fearing woman uses her religious beliefs to “pray” for God to send a harassing spirit to the aforementioned folks and those who rented to them during the Harley bike week.

Am I confused or does this sound a little hypocritical? Using God to bring harm to people is ludicrous to say the least and certainly not Christian. As they say on the sports channel, "Come on man!"

Do you have that much hate in your body that you can honestly pray for discomfort towards your fellow man? How sad.

A week or 10 days of bike week disrupts your world that tremendously? You have got to be kidding. This is America, land of the free remember? That includes bike week and the tourism dollars it brings including that of monies to people who rent their properties.

There is no such thing as Utopia! There is an answer though, how about moving to a different community that doesn't need tourism to thrive. Then all your prayers would be answered.

Dave Carlson


The writer describes himself as a “proud Harley owner.”