Letters to the Editor

Letter | Why does Myrtle Beach area do the things it does?

I just read your editorial where you say you are looking for new thoughts and not rehash the same old stuff. Some of these have been in letters before but here are just a few thoughts.

We keep building houses and new business, where are the new roads to get to them? Our current roads become parking lots in the morning and afternoon every day, particularly in the summer.

Our mayors, particularly Myrtle Beach, say they need an extra 1 percent sales tax to help entice more tourism here, yet if you drive on U.S. 501 or Interstate 95, all you find is pot holes and the roads are deteriorating rapidly. Our legislators didn't feel any urgency to solve the road and bridge issues this year, perhaps every politician should be replaced by people who actually will listen to constituents and fix our infrastructure problems.

What about the Aynor overpass? There is a waste of money and a folly. I thought at a minimum the overpass would eliminate the stop lights in Aynor, that didn't happen and I never see anyone actually use the overpass.

Need a few dollars, tax utility trailers in the state and make them have a license, and lights. We moved here seven years ago when the roads were pretty darn good, what happened?. We recently went to Florida on I-95 and found it horrible in South Carolina, and 501 to Florence is becoming a nightmare of bad conditions also.

Carolina Forest Boulevard in a death trap waiting to happen, but there is little choice since 501 is usually just a parking lot.

Fix the roads we have, and find a way to build new ones, or extend existing dead ends to connect with other roads. Simply talking about fixing the problems is not solving anything, do something. Put a 4 cent gas tax on and leave it there. That should help pay for many road improvements, if every penny is used for road improvements and nothing else.

It’s time for the politicians to take some action and do things for the people, and I certainly include Horry County Council as part of the problem and currently not part of the solution.

The writer lives in Conway.