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Letters | Murrells Inlet fireworks also harmful to nesting birds; Quilt ceremony uplifting, enlightening; Thanks to those who want above and beyond

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Weekly ‘booms’ bad

for birds, too

The June 27th front-page story, "Fireworks Spark Controversy," fails to address the issue of noise pollution on a weekly basis and how it can affect nesting birds.

Like clockwork at the same time every Monday night, bombs bursting in air over a 10-week summer schedule can disrupt the marsh birds and perhaps other fauna. Consider the impact of loud and startling sound on a regular schedule along with chemicals and particle-laden smoke contaminating our natural environment.

Many studies document the harm done by fireworks displays; all one has to do is Google the subject to find studies done by National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, and other government agencies. Let this be the last summer for this assault on our precious marshland.


Carol Coney

Murrells Inlet

Quilts of valor

Ceremony uplifting,


On June 21, I attended a very moving ceremony at the senior center on the old Air Force base at Market Common. It was the Quilt of Valor given to veterans who served in WWII through Afghanistan. The quilts are hand-made by folks around the country each with a patriotic them, and donated.

A Knights of Columbus cadre explained each fold of the flag as they proceeded to fold it. A warm thank-you to all involved.

Joyce Robinson

Surfside Beach


Yes, there are

still good people

This letter is to show that we still have good and dedicated people in this world.

On June 13, while having a routine dental procedure in Surfside Beach, my wife went into cardiac arrest. Horry County EMS was called, Unit #31 came to her aid.

When they arrived she had no vital signs. They worked on her for 30 minutes not taking no for an answer. They finally got a pulse and took her to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. Their effort was far and beyond the norm.

Once at Grand Strand, she was in ICU for three days. Again the staff of ICU 2 South was fantastic. They cared for her as though she was their friends. Although things did not end well everyone did more than they could. My family would like to again say thanks to Unit #31 and ICU 2 South for their love and effort.

Bill Neumann

Calabash, N.C.



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