Letters to the Editor

Letter | Shut-down of Grainger plant bad sign for America’s energy independence

Santee Cooper's Grainger coal-fired electric production facility in Conway generated reliable power for the citizens, businesses and visitors to our area for more than 50 years, but is no longer producing energy.

It is now closed largely because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency dictates overreaching carbon dioxide emissions regulations based on fictitious sciences and executive branch fiat; and associated lawsuits that aim to cripple U.S. energy production.

The facility, which you can drive by today, is being dismantled and shipped off to some other part of the world whose citizens and government value the true value and strategic asset embodied in energy independence, economic freedom and security that are tangibly represented by the Grainger plant.

This event is not isolated, and similar plant closures are occurring nationwide resulting in a "weaken America" campaign furthering globalist "cap and trade" schemes.

Support members of Congress, including local Rep.Tom Rice, who are championing the cause to save American jobs, to stop the predictable rise in American energy costs, and to limit executive branch and regulatory overreaches.

The writer lives in Conway.