Letters to the Editor

Letters | Ways exist to fund road repairs; Leaders needed to address gun issues; Thanks to sheriff’s department for making mom’s day special; Show your true colors, fly the flag on July 4

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Ways exist to fund

infrastructure fixes

Some think are roads are terrible. On a recent trip to New England, as I was driving on their roads, I thought, our roads seem OK. But they do need lots of work in lots of areas. For example, around turn lanes off major highways. I’ve seen one hole lately that would sink a small size car.

Money for these projects could come from car inspections and trailer registrations, these are the people using the roads. Just think, we might even save a few accidents if brake lights work on a vehicle. It seems simple. Not all taxpayers use our roads. A reasonable fee for these tags would surely help take care of our roads.

J.R. Ruscio

Pawleys Island


Leaders needed

to address problem

Re: June 24 letter from Terry Munson, “‘We’re number one’ should not describe gun deaths of America’s children”

It is people like Terry that we need to run for office, people with commonsense and can see what is wrong in this country, he states everything very clearly so I will not presume to improve on his letter. Until the voting public realize that our politicians care more about money than the people of this country, things will not change. Where has gumption gone?

It takes gumption to stand up to the NRA, they are not voted into office and yet they are, as we have read they heavily back anyone who will carry the torch for them. So when you have to vote again, do some research to see who has taken money from the NRA.

Beryl Andrews

Myrtle Beach


Sheriff’s department

generosity makes mom’s day

Mom turned 90 on Flag Day. If you’re blessed to have a mom who has lived that long, you’ve probably been hard pressed finding a gift. My case was no different, but Mom happens to love anything that has to do with the law.

She watches “Cops,” “I.D.,” “Law and Order,” and “Alaska State Troopers.” Our neighbor, who works for the Sheriff’s Department, put me in touch with Sgt. Jeff Benton. Sgt. Benton suggested visiting the courthouse and possibly meeting the sheriff.

Instead, two days later, both Sheriff Phillip Thompson and Sgt. Benton personally came to our home to wish Mom a happy birthday. The sheriff and sergeant chatted with Mom and genuinely wanted to hear about her and her life. The Horry County Sheriff’s Department gave Mom the gift of her lifetime. We will never forget their kindness and generosity.

Sharon Weaver

Little River


Show your true colors,

Fly the flag July 4

On this 4th of July, display the American flag for freedom and for all of our veterans, now serving and retired. I urge everyone to fly the American flag daily. Let’s remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Please show support for our veterans, the men and women now serving our great nation by defending us against terrorists around the world.

It’s so good to see so many American flags displayed to honor our men and woman in uniform. The American flag should be treated and hung in the correct fashion, not torn, worn or frayed. Because of all of you, this country remains the greatest nation on Earth. United we stand

William Saffle

Myrtle Beach