Letters to the Editor

Letter | South Carolina — Wake up and smell the moped tax income

It is about time that South Carolina takes a look at the new law that North Carolins has approved calling for the registration of all mopeds.

They claim that in North Carolina there are at least 17,000 mopeds on their roads now. They want to charge a $15 to $22 registration fee for each moped, which equals $225,000 to $374,000 for the ones on the road now.

They expect to register 25,000 the first year, for $550,000 and then charge $40 per unit for a title fee, which will equal $1 million.

That is a total of up to $1,374,000 dollars that the state of South Carolina is missing out on. I am sure that South Carolina has many more mopeds than North Carolina.

Then our state could go ahead and register and get a title fee for each and every trailer that is in the state. I bet there are even more of them than the mopeds.

You’re talking about more than $3 million that this state could be collecting. What is the mater with our legislators and our governor? It is time they wake up and smell the coffee.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.